Additional Services

Additional Services

Ferry Flights

If you are looking for a reputable company providing overflights with a focus on safe flight of your aircraft, then we are the right company. Our services consist of providing a reliable, professional, and individual approach to our customers. We pride ourselves in having experienced pilots who take care of your aircraft as if it were their own.

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Empty Legs

Air taxis for everyone

Many flights may be realized in the period between arrival and departure. Your plane does not need to wait a week to fly back. The plane can return to its home base and be used for other flights. Thus, the plane flies back empty and this flight is referred to as an ‘Empty Leg.’

Summer Holiday

We promise to take care of you from A to Z

You can fly to your vacation by private jet. The flight is comfortable, luxurious, and fast. Want to visit more places at once? Do you need to be flying as close as possible to your destination? Do you want to spend your time on holiday rather than at the airport? If you plan a summer vacation, then this is the right time to secure your private plane.

You can plan to visit multiple sites at once We can land at even smaller airports You will save your time You will have the flexibility to change passengers’ names We will agree on departure at your preference


We’ll get you a taxi, limousine, tickets, but also accommodation

Because each client has different needs, we offer you a range of services that we can provide exactly according to your wishes. Simply choose the destination that you would like to visit and we will recommend you a suitable type of aircraft, and also arrange accommodation, taxis, and other services according to your requirements. In addition to providing private airplane flights, we provide the following services:

Rent of limousine, minivan, bus Tickets for cultural and sporting events Reservation of your preferred accommodation and restaurants Reservation of your preferred accommodation and restaurants Taxi to / from your hotel and/or restaurant