Air Cargo

Air Cargo



We specialize in complex air freight service.

Air transport is particularly suitable for transporting small shipments over great distances where transport speed matters the most. We provide export and import transportation. We arrange shipping to all countries in the world on daily basis.

We provide you with a broad range of planes from small jets for urgent cargo to freighters for heavy loads. We also provide services including hand cargo.

Do you have a parcel that needs to be urgently delivered? Do you need an urgent delivery of components for production, or delivery of fragile goods to places hardly accessible by ground transportation? Do valuable objects or personal documents need to be transported reliably? Are you going to move?

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Comprehensive consignment service during collection and delivery Accurate calculation of each consignment Appropriate selection of aircraft according to your consignment dimensions and weight Cooperation with international partners in fields of transport and logistics After your requirements have been announced, we guarantee the start of the flight in the next two hours

We can offer you several possible solutions:


Hand Cargo

This is the simplest and the most cost-effective transport of small consignments not only within the Czech Republic but anywhere in the world. An authorized person will collect your shipment personally and deliver to a designated recipient, and also carry it to a requested place or to a company within specified time. Just contact us, inform us on your requirements, and our courier will be on his/her way to you.

Express Cargo

Express transport is not only intended for small items, but, due to sufficient capacity of our aircrafts, we can also transport large and heavy consignments across Europe in just a few hours. We will customize the most suitable airplane and professional crew, and also organize appropriate service for the desired location. Moreover, we can land even at small airports that have limited capacities. When your requirements have been announced, we guarantee the start of the flight within next two hours.

Heavy (Large) Cargo

Our partners are international carriers operating daily flights to destinations around the world. We are fully familiar with their aircraft capacities and technical specifications, operational support, as well as all required

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