Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management




We have got a solution for you! We offer all services regarding aircraft purchase from initial consultations to your first flight.

Consultancy Service When Choosing the Right Type of Aircraft

When choosing the airplane, the most important question you need to ask yourself is: “What is the purpose of my travel?”

  • Do you travel for business or pleasure?
  • What type of airplane do you prefer?
  • What number of passengers is about to fly?
  • What destination are you going to fly to?
  • What is the frequency of your flights?

As professionals, we are happy to help you when choosing the most convenient type of airplane.

Aircraft Purchase Mediation

We will prepare for you:

  • Complete documentation and analysis of operating and acquisition costs

We will also:

  • Carry out all formalities for you in the shortest possible time
  • Offer you several types of airplanes both new and used
  • Get you aircraft choice evaluated by a qualified aircraft mechanic who will give you a complete report on the state of the aircraft
  • Provide you with all formalities required in the country where the purchase is about to take place
  • Provide you with additional Comprehensive Aircraft Operation

Just let us know when and where you wish to fly and we will take care about the rest.

We will plan your flight:

  • The aircraft will be ready according to your specifications including the cabin crew
  • We will provide you with all landing permissions
  • We will provide regular maintenance of the aircraft as required
  • Moreover, we can arrange for a commercial use of your plane allowing you to reduce costs of operating it

The comprehensive operation includes:

  • Maintenance, hangar usage, aircraft basing
  • Each aircraft is professionally serviced by experts. There are inspections carried out regularly. Aircrafts are constantly and strictly controlled according to the manufacturer’s aircraft maintenance manual.
  • Ensuring crew and service on board
  • Professional crew and complex catering according to your choice will be provided.
  • Flight preparation and planning
  • We will plan and arrange for your flight, which means planning to the last detail while you will be relaxing and enjoying all the comfort of flying. We will arrange for the most convenient type of aircraft according to your individual specifications including comprehensive service that accompanies it.

Why not to take an advantage of a private aircraft then? It is ready and it is waiting exclusively for you!

For more information please contact us at the following number: +420 736 648 365