Aviation School

Aviation School



We are flying school-licensed ATO- Certificate ATO CZ / ATO – 039

Icarus Aviation School was established as a subsidiary of Icarus Aviation Group, which has been providing charter cargo and passenger flights since 2007 (Aerotaxi). We have established the flying school that offers a combination of quality training at affordable prices.

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PPL (A) – private pilot (airplane) NIGHT (A) – qualification for night flights (aircraft) IR (A) – single-engine piston airplane
Theoretical knowledge instruction and flight training Theoretical knowledge instruction and flight training Modular courses of theoretical and flight training


We fly from Brno-Tuřany; however, it is possible to fly from elsewhere (for instance, Ostrava – Zábřeh, and other locations). Our team of instructors is made up of professionals who have many years of experience in flying commercial aircrafts. We are focused on providing quality training to our graduates who then become professional pilots.

If you have no ambition of becoming a professional pilot, you can use our PPL training for recreational flying or simply take advantage of any of our convenient packages.

We offer to our graduates at bargain prices to lease our aircrafts after the completion of training for the purpose of additional hours flown. In addition, students have the option to use corporate aviation database and planning programs during their training (JeppView, EuroFPL, etc.). iPads are installed in our aircrafts, with internet access, navigation, and flight planning included.

This is why we claim that our services are of complex nature offering maximum reliability to our clients.

For more information please contact us at the following number: +420 608 266 393 or at e-mail: office@icarus-ag.com