Terms and Conditions of Icarus Aviation Group, Ltd.

Payment conditions

Total price has to be paid to our bank account prior the departure. We require SWIFT confirmation of the made payment, or credit card guarantee to block money until the money will arrive to our bank account. Using VISAcard or MasterCard as security or payment is possible with extra charge of 2,5 % from the final price. The flight can be cancelled by the transporter without meeting these conditions.

Transport conditions

  1. Term “Definite order of air transport“ means the record about payment and routing of air transport, which includes hereby mentioned conditions and endorsements. “Carrier“ means air carrier, which is carrying or is covenanting to carry the passenger, his baggage, or cargo according to this definite order of air transport or is performing any services related with air transport. “Montreal convention” is convention about consolidation of certain rules about international air transport, which was accepted and signed in Montreal on 28th of May 1999 and on 4th November 2003 became effective in all countries, which have ratified this convention (including Czech Republic).
  2. Carriage, which is performed according to this definite order, is following the rules and constraints of liability defined by Montreal convention, unless would not concern “international air transport” in terms of this convention. In all countries, which has not ratified Montreal convention, the transportation is directed by the Convention about consolidation of rules about international air transport signed in Warsaw on 12th October 1929 (further only “Warsaw convention”), which generally limits liability of carrier to damage of health or baggage.
  3. If it is not at variance with above mentioned, the carriage and other services, which are provided of carrier, are following regulations in this definite order, transport conditions and applicable rules of carrier.
  4. By issuance of definite order of air transport on the route of any other (in following designated as “real”) carrier (i.e. in case of carrying out of flight by other carrier) deals (in following designated as “contractual”) carrier only as his sales representative. In case of performing of flight by real carrier for any other carrier, the real carrier takes over all responsibility to carrying out of flight except of financial and invoicing matters of fact.
  5. This definite order is valid since day of issuing and confirmation by the customer for air transport to demarcated destinations in stated dates, if is not determined otherwise in this definite order, transport conditions or in related rules of carrier. Advance payment to transport according to this definite order is subject to change before initiation of transport and by that time must be paid off. Full price of transport is subject to change by three days after performing of flight on the basis of bilateral agreement and the due date is designated by the expiration date mentioned on issued invoice. When is not paid the invoice to the expiration date is charged money penalty in an amount 0,1% of the invoiced value each initiated day of delay. Carrier has the law to decline transport in the case, when was not paid given advance payment, or if was not the definite order got with infringement of valid laws or the rules and directives of carrier.
  6. Passenger must follow valid official travel rules, must present entrance, exit and any other requested documents and be on the airport of departure by the hour designated by carrier. Passengers are responsible for validity of all necessary personal documents and visas. I case of problems with passenger entry/exit to/from any country the carrier will charge to customer all additional costs connected with these problems.
  7. Carrier will do his best according to option to carry passengers and luggage full sail and in time given on the definite order. Assigned and calculated times are not guaranteed. Carrier can without preliminary advice be supplied by any other carriers or can use other plane and in case of necessity (in the case of bad weather, technical problems or closure of airport) change or bypass the destinations mentioned on the definite order. Carrier is not responsible to the delays, redirections or the cancelling of flights caused by emergency conditions (political instability or the war conflict, bad meteorological conditions, safety hazards, extemporary exposure of flight safety, strike and overexertion of air traffic). In the case of cancelling of flight from the side of carrier the advance payment is refunded to the customer in the full height. In the case of delay or the removal of flight from the side of customer the costs of parking the airplane including the crew, eventually its accommodation are also invoiced to the full price of transport.
  8. Pilot-in-command has the law to exclude from the air transport persons, who doesn’t pass security check, or those persons, who decline this check, or those persons, whose cabin baggage don’t pass security check, or those persons, who want to carriage goods, which are forbidden to transport.
  9. Pilot-in-command or the responsible delegate of carrier has the law exclude from transport persons under influence of drugs, alcohol and other addictive substances and persons, who are not evidently opening up guarantee of safe flight.
  10. Passengers are obligated to follow signs by crew. Pilot-in-command has the law to emit instructions and make precautions to ensure safety of flight.
  11. Passenger are obligated to properly appraise their health condition considering to cardiac insufficiencies, high blood bag, vertigo, common cold and any other indispositions, which negatively affects human during the flight.
  12. Neither managing director, employee or the delegate of carrier is competent to change, modify or cancel any constitution of signed definite order.
  13. The fees for de-icing of airplane, in the case of bad weather, the hangarage costs, airfield fire category upgrades, access to VIP lounges and terminals, Italian luxury tax applicable on all flights to/from Italian Territory, or out of normal hours airport charges, are not calculated in the final price and will be invoiced separately if incurred.

Significant warning

Passengers are forced to obtain passport, visa and international vaccination certificate in time according to rules valid in countries of departure and final destination. They can’t be accepted to transport without this proprieties.

On the board is permitted to use any electrical devices but the pilot-in-command can forbid that at any time and the passenger are forced to follow these instructions. Using of mobile phones is forbidden during the whole flight.

Smoking on board is forbidden.

Passengers are forced to come in time to check-in. We suggest in terms of article number 6 of “transport conditions”, to find out these information by the ordering of flight. The time advance for the arrival to airport is minimally 15 minutes before departure.



All baggage is dispatch and transport as cabin baggage, so that are transported for the holder to the airplane. Baggage placing and loading decides the pilot-in-command. Maximum dimensions and weight of baggage is not constituted, but the customer is obligated to consult with carrier expected dimensions and weight of baggage in advance before confirm of definite order. Articles of point, cutting or gashing manner, models and toys, which correspond to real weapons, can be transported only in baggage, which are loaded to baggage compartment, which is not accessible by passengers during the flight.

Objects whose transport is forbidden

Thereinafter mentioned compounds and objects is not possible to transport in baggage or passengers and also alternatively, as long as the pilot-in-command grants the compliance and conditions:

Explosives, weapons, projectiles, gases (flammable, inflammable, toxic), pressurized gases, liquefied overcooled gases, flammable material fluent and hard (such as matches, filling gas, alcoholic agents to embrocation), agents liable for spontaneous combustion, agents dangerous during damp conditions, oxidizing agents and organic peroxides, toxic agents and infectious substances, caustic agents (such as acids, chemical collections, damp batteries), radioactive material, any other conditionally transported agents (such as hydrargyrum, carbon-dioxide ice, magnetic material, irritating agents or evocating dislike). Any other information is possible to get by request.